Brockwell & Carrington is Proud to Announce the Commencement of Our Most Recent Construction Projects

Alteration & Addition at Roselle Public Library

Alteration and addition of existing one-story library with a basement – 5,500 SF Existing Library and 16,500 New 2 story addition. Exterior work includes repairs to the exterior façade of this circa 1914 masonry building along with roof replacement. Interior alterations include interior finishes, mechanical, plumbing, life safety systems and related equipment. The new two-story 16,500 square foot addition with basement includes entrance lobby, elevator, library collections, study, work and assembly spaces, toilet rooms and support spaces. Project work also includes miscellaneous site improvements and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents. This project valued at approx. $12,000,000.

Columbus School

Classroom 125 to be converted to New Main Office. New Entrance Vestibule adjacent to new Main Office. Existing Main office to be converted to a Classroom. Alternate – Renovate & expand Nurses Office (adjacent to existing Main Office). New First Floor Canopy. Remove Radiator on 2nd Floor Stairway. Work includes but is not limited to selective demolition, CIP concrete, cast stone sills, structural steel, steel decking, cold-formed metal framing, metal fabrications, pipe & tube railings, column covers, rough carpentry, sheathing, plastic-laminate-clad cabinets, thermal insulation, aluminum composite wall panels, EPDM roofing, sheet metal flashing & trim, roof accessories, joint sealants, HM doors & frames, flush wood doors, access doors & frames, bullet resistant doors, windows & frames, aluminum framed entrances & storefronts, aluminum windows, door hardware, bullet resistant polycarbonate security glass, non-structural metal framing, gypsum board, tiling, resilient base & accessories, resilient sheet flooring, resilient tile flooring, epoxy terrazzo flooring, interior painting, toilet & bath accessories, cubicle curtains, bullet resistant fiberglass, bullet resistant partitions & equipment, fire protection, plumbing, HVAC, electrical work and site excavation. This project valued at approx. $2,000,000.

North Bergen High School Generator

Installation of a new 500 kw diesel generator on slab with retaining wall and related sitework; curbs, concrete steps, sidewalks, retaining walls, handrails; below grade conduit, supported as required, for electrical and control wiring; new panels, switches, and controls; modification to existing panels; penetrations with sealants through existing building foundation walls; related paving, striping, fencing, gates, rails, landscaping, and sitework; repairs to existing walls, and paving; erosion control measures; disposal of all waste, and all such other work as may be described in the complete construction documents. Test pits, probes and/or scans to establish locations of all existing subsurface conditions, utilities, and rock profiles. Project Valued at approx $2,000,000.

Brockwell & Carrington is Proud to Announce the Completion of Our Most Recent Construction Projects

NJ DOT Sussex

This project consists of multiple buildings – construction of a new crew building, 6600 sq.ft. Administrative & Support areas for the crew with an attached (6) bay, heated storage garage and mezzanine. Also, is the construction of a new vehicle/equipment storage building, 4515 sq.ft., consisting of four (4) unheated storage bays, with adjacent abrasive storage bay. Construction of material storage bins, 914 sq.ft. Site improvements & modifications including but not limited to grading, paving, lighting, landscaping, security, utility connections, new fueling island with dual compartment 8,000 gallon tank (Gas & Diesel), and new brining station, 1822 sq.ft., and construction of a new fuel island, 615 sq.ft., with canopy and a new emergency generator. Valued at approximately $11,000,000.

Mountain Lakes Schools

This project consists of constructing a new addition to provide new classrooms inclusive of all structural, architectural, and MEP work. Renovation of the existing main office area and renovation of the parking area adjacent to the new addition including all site utilities. This project valued at approx. $11,000,000.

Woodbridge Middle School Addition

Located at 525 Barron Avenue, in Woodbridge, NJ, and valued at approximately $21,000,000, this Addition/Renovation/Alteration Project consists of a 25,000 square foot proposed new building and 15,000 square foot existing building renovation.

Kennedy Elementary School

Located in Harrison, NJ, at a cost of approximately $27,000,000.00, this 70,000 square foot three story building includes 20 classrooms (Grades Pre-K – 1st Grade), 2 special education classrooms, 3 basic skills/ESL rooms, 2 speech rooms, 1 science/art project lab, music room, media center, computer lab, gymnasium, cafetorium/assembly room with a stage, kitchen, and 2 playgrounds.

New James Madison Elementary School #10

Located in Garfield, NJ, at a cost of approximately $17,000,000.00, this 55,000 square foot three story building includes 13 classrooms (Grades K-5), 3 special education classrooms, 3 small group instructional rooms, media center, computer lab, art room, music room, gymnatorium with a stage, cafeteria, kitchen and a playground.

Woodbrook Elementary School Addition

Located at 15 Robin Road, in Edison, NJ, at a cost of approximately $11,000,000, this 32,200 square foot addition was completed for the Edison Board of Education.

Ocean County College Community Center

New Construction of a 59,000 SF dining/bookstore/student life building for Ocean County College. It includes a dining facility with full kitchen, coffee shop, campus store, lounge spaces & student life administrative office space. The project has been designed to recognize Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) parameters and will seek LEED Silver Certification. Site components include a new loading dock area, underground utility connections including connection to the campus Cogeneration plant for power, HW and chilled water, concrete sidewalks, landscaping.

Hudson County Community College STEM Building

The new 75,000 SF 6-story structure has a mechanical penthouse and contains science labs, general classrooms, computer labs, stepped lecture hall, multi-purpose room, lobby & outdoor patio space. The project has been designed to recognize Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) parameters and will seek formal certification (40 credits).