I have worked with the Brockwell and Carrington firm for more than 20 years, starting with Brockwell and Carrington’s completion of Lincoln School Early Childhood Annex for the North Bergen Board of Education, in 2006. After the initial General Contractor folded and failed to perform, the Bonding Company reassigned the project to Brockwell.

During the Lincoln Annex project, as well during as a substantial addition to J.F. Kennedy Elementary School, Michael Dassatti Sr., was at Brockwell and Carrington’s helm.

We have been fortunate that Brockwell and Carrington were successful bidders on a number of projects for NBBOE since then, most recently an Emergency Generator at the North Bergen High School. Michael Dassatti Jr. has taken the helm for the Generator project.

Several aspects of Brockwell and Carrington distinctly set them above and apart.

Brockwell and Carrington, and the entirety of their staff – are always professional, always honest, always reasonable and truthful when Change Orders are required, always Communicative and extremely responsive.

Grace Lynch AIA PP CID ALEP LEED-AP, President
L+C Design Consultants PA
One Marine Plaza Suite 205
North Bergen New Jersey 07047
201.866.7171 201.866.7395 FX

Project: Wanaque Academic Center

Mr. Michael Dassatti, President

This correspondence may serve as our professional recommendation for the firm of Brockwell & Carrington Contractors, Inc.

A&A Constructions & Management Consultants performs construction over site on primarily Public Construction projects. We have administered countless projects, and it has been our pleasure to administer Brockwell & Carrington Contractors, Inc. in the construction of the Passaic County Community College – Wanaque Project.

Brockwell & Carrington Contractors, Inc. has administered this project in highest professional manner, project administration, meeting schedules, quality of work and overall project quality.

If you have any questions or need any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,
William J. Albanese, Sr.
General Manager
A&A Construction Management & Consultants, Inc.

Project: Multiple

Mr. Michael Dassatti, President

May this letter serve as a professional recommendation for Brockwell & Carrington. For a number of publically bid educational projects in recent years, projects for which our firm provided Architectural and Engineering services from design through construction completion, Brockwell & Carrington has been the General Contractor. Ongoing and successfully completed projects have included New Construction and Additions to create more than 200,000 Square foot of classroom space and associated core facilities, as well as renovation and rehabilitation projects which have included major building systems upgrades and replacements.

I have had direct notable experience with Brockwell & Carrington on a combined total value approximating 30 million dollars in construction.

In addition to skillfully meeting a full range of construction requirements, Brockwell & Carrington has met the challenges of unforeseen conditions, constrained schedules and working environments, and complex project demands. Should an issue arise, response has been immediate and sound. The strength and integrity of Michael Dassatti’s word can be relied on, an appreciated and valued benefit of working with Brockwell & Carrington.

Based on my direct experience, I strongly recommend Brockwell & Carrington Contractors, Inc., which has worked cooperatively with our firm to serve the interests of New Jersey students. My recommendation is echoed by my colleagues here at L+C.

I can be contacted directly regarding this letter, or for any additional information.

President, L+C Design Consultants PA

Project: Clifton Medical Care Facility

Dear Michael,

I just want to take a moment to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all Brockwell & Carrington staff involved with the construction of my new state-of-the-art, three-story medical facility in Clifton. What can I possibly say other than thank you so very much Michael! Having my medical offices, examination rooms, therapy center, imaging room and blood laboratory all under one roof is not only economical, but extremely convenient for my patients.

The new building is BEAUTIFUL! I am so very grateful,to you for personally getting involved each and every step of the way, making sure this project was completed on time and within my contemplated budget! Having your in-house draftsman walk with me on design changes was invaluable. Additionally, having your personal assistant follow through on my every need was instrumental as she was available to us 24/ 7, which helped to make the experience and move-in seamless.

I offer with confidence and without hesitation, my personal recommendation to anyone needing medical facilities or any other professional building. Brockwell & Carrington successfully completed our new facility, their team’s attention to detail, quality control, and scheduling were flawless and all and all, an incredibly positive experience for us! Their skill and dedication was evident from the onset and never faltered. The results of their hard work will benefit not only the doctors, but our patients and staff for many years to come as well.

Again, I thank you very much and look forward to having you create another medical facility for us sometime down the road!

Gamil Makar, MD
Clifton Medical Care

Project: Essex County DPW

Dear Mr. Dassatti,

It has been a pleasure working with Brockwell & Carrington on the construction of our DPW Building. As you know, we had to encounter a number unforeseen underground utilities and conflict and the worst winters in recent history, the building was still ready for us to occupy in less than a year. It was very professional dealing with Brockwell & Carrington and the quality put into the construction is commendable.

It is with pleasure that I offer my recommendation of Brockwell & Carrington and refer you to other clients.

Sanjeev Varghese, P.E. P.P.
County Engineer
County of Essex DPW

Project: Montclair State University

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I offer my professional and personal recommendation of Brockwell and Carrington Contractors, Inc. (B&C).

At the present time, B&C is working on multiple, sizable, and complicated projects simultaneously for Montclair State University. These projects are being constructed and administered by B&C with the utmost degree of professionalism and proficiency. B&C’s workmanship, timelines, atention to detail and assistance to the University when dealing with a multitude of problematic existing unforeseen conditions, site logistics and coordination with design issues are exemplary and just an example of what I feel sets them apart from other contractors in today’s construction industry.

Mr. Michael Dassatti, president of the firm, stays involved in the proects and leads directly by example and it shows specifically in the competency and knowledge illustrated to us through his Project Management and Field Supervisory Team. Their efforts, reliabilty, and integrity illustrated in constructing our facilities have been unsurpassed from the onset.

B&C is assuredly an asset to any project which they may be considered. They understand fully how to handle challenging situations without ever losing sight of the tasks at hand, which to the University is simply getting the project completed on time, within budget, while receiving the finest project along the way.

We truly look forward to a long and productive working relationship with B&C. If you are affording the opportunity to work with B&C, I would highly recommend them as their professionalism, work ethics, and true quality of workmanship are extraordinary and would absolutely prove to be highly beneficial to your organization.

Charles M. Sarajian LPP, PE
Assistant Vice President
Design and Constrcution

Project: New Jersey Schools Development

Please allow this correspondence to serve as a personal recommendation of Brockwell & Carrington and its president, Michael Dassatti.

Mr. Dassatti possesses superior management skills necessary to manage and administer a wide variety of educational projects. The work that Brockwell & Carrington has produced for the SDA is a perfect example of the high level of effort, professionalism and attention shown by Mr. Dassatti and his firm on a daily basis. This has made Mr Dassatti and his firm a valuable part of our mission of building quality educational facilities for 21st Century students. I believe his excellent business skills, in addition to his honest approach to the building process will benefit any business or organization seeking Brockwell & Carrington’s involvement.

Mr. Dassatti is a unique individual with a positive attitude and the ability to manage difficult project tasks and complete the same with little oversight or direction. His management skills make him a valuable asset for any organization seeking these qualities in an individual in addition to those of his firm. The quality and ethics shown by Brockwell & Carrington on a daily basis are a prime example of what is missing today in our industry, honest well qualified construction firms whose pride is evident in their end product.

It is with great comfort and confidence that I offer my personal and professional recommendation of Mr. Dassatti in addition to the firm of Brockwell & Carrington, for your consideration. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. If you have questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Corrado Minervini
Senior Project Manager
Project Management and Field Services

Project: Additions and Alterations to High Mountain School

On Tuesday, September 18th we attended a meeting with the North Haledon Board of Education. We received praises from member after member for the project’s condition, look and schedule. We received and accepted the compliments, but want to share them with you. Your forces were the driving influence behind the successful opening of the school on September 7, 2007. We all targeted September 5th as the first day of school for students and are confident the opening two days later had nothing to do with the preparation by the contractors. In the “school construction” arena we all work in, it is almost assumed all contractors would push over the long Labor Day weekend to clean up the final issues for school opening. This is to confirm that not one worker was on site September 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th because they were not needed.

We are proud to be a part of the scheduling, progress, and results of this project. We have a few classrooms to finish (they will complete ahead of schedule also) and the total completion of the project is an anticipated joy for this Board of Education and community at large.

We thank you for your influence and compliment you on your organization, coordination, and commitment of resources to bring this portion of the Work to fruition.

Project: Green Township School District

As the Superintendent of the Green Township School District, I have worked with you on our school construction project for just over one year. At this time I want to personally thank you for all of your assistance. Although other people were manning the job, whenever a “crisis” developed, you were there personally to resolve it. Many times that meant you, yourself, taking a “hands-on” approach, whether it was running machinery, moving equipment, cleaning up the site, and much more.

You are definitely a “man of your word.” Every promise you made to the Board, or the public, or to me you kept. You did have the classroom addition opened for the start of the school year; you did ensure that the building had heat.

Your efforts to keep this project moving forward have been more than required and certainly more than would be expected. You have traveled to Green Township to attend Board of Education meetings, committee meetings, and construction meetings.

I thank you for all your time, expertise, and advice. I wish you much success in all your future endeavors. If you ever need a personal recommendation, you know that you can call me.

Sincerely yours,
Kathleen P. Jinks
Green Township School District

Project: Burnett Hill and Collins Elementary School

“It is not often that this office sees such care and quality in school projects and we appreciate the effort of your company in performing and maintaining high standards.”
Jordan, Pease, Andreychik and Keleman Architects, AIA / DRG Architects AIA

Project: Franklin School Annex

“In great part the project was timely and within the budget contemplated by the Owner, because of the efforts extended by the contractor in coordinating all trades and maintaining quality workmanship. From the pre-construction meeting to project punch list, Brockwell & Carrington responded quickly to all issues resulting in a productive relationship among Owner, Architect and Contractor. Because of this experience I do not hesitate in recommending Brockwell & Carrington for any upcoming project.”
Grace Lynch AIA PP

Project: Haledon Public School

“I have worked in public school design and construction in the past for a number of years and know for a fact how important it is to have a good general contractor in order to have a school building of this size delivered in time and under budget. We feel fortunate that the Board secured Brockwell & Carrington as their general contractor on this important job…”
Nam Kim Park
P.C. Architects

Project: Franklin School Annex and Kennedy School Addition

“Brockwell & Carrington has demonstrated an ability to handle difficult conditions including limited site staging areas, coordination with ongoing occupancy, etc., and has provided very capable general contract work as well as subcontract work for those trades which were not provided in-house. Masonry and finish work provided by Brockwell & Carrington has been excellent.

Michael Dassatti and his company have consistently endeavored to cooperatively work with our office as well as Board staff regarding the resolution of any issue which has arisen throughout the course of work, and responds promptly. Further, there have been no issues which have arisen that have not been resolved in a professional and conscientious manner.”
Grace Lynch AIA PP

Quality, safety, experience and leadership, our reputation rests on providing this and on years of providing complete construction services and total client satisfaction!